Does your kid need a microphone?

Suzanne singing the blues

When you see your kid singing it crosses your mind if he/she wants to take it to the next level, but the main question is if she/he is ready and should use a microphone in the first place.

Children should reach a certain level of singing development and they should have their voice under some control before starting using a microphone. In some cases, the microphone is used as a reliable amplifier of your kid’s voice as you think his voice is too tiny to cover a whole room. Even though it’s true that kid’s voices are not that strong, giving them a microphone and not teach them fundamental techniques might not be the solution to improving their singing skills. Sure, you can get a stronger sound when using a mic for your kid, but he also need to learn about intonation, expression, dynamics and so on.

Wait a little before getting the mic

Some think that vocal techniques are not that important as long as they have the utility of playback technology. A microphone with loudspeakers is able to replace the main soundboards from the acoustical singing, the head and the chest. You don’t need proper voice setting either when using the mic. Have a look at the good selection of kids’ mics at Beet labs.

A mic is very useful as it amplifies your voice and a good playback monitoring helps you hear yourself. It’s also helpful as it uncovers and magnifies any minor deviation off the key that would have remained hidden in a room with good acoustics.


Don’t think a mic can do everything for you. Your kid needs to know how to hold it as you don’t want him/her to sing from the throat and not with diaphragm support, as she/he should. When singing with a mic, the technique is a bit different. The extent of the voice support is different and so it the proportion of chest and head resonance. Nevertheless, the vocal technique has to be good.

If your kid has some vocal technique training the mic doesn’t force him/her to use the right set voice, which is essential for an intonation and voice dynamics. Your kid might end up stagnating or even with his/her singing worsening.

All of this applies in the cases where your kid doesn’t sing only at the family karaoke nights. A microphone is a good choice for a large space and for a karaoke party.


But, if your kid is gifted and take the road of professional singing, it’s important that you know that the mic should be used after good techniques of singing have been required by your kid.

How to choose a mic for your kid?

There are many models of microphone for children on the market and you need to pay attention when choosing one.

They are age specific and a microphone for preschoolers works differently than one for older kids. A young one would need a microphone with fewer, but chunkier buttons and the mic is tougher. A child of older age doesn’t care that much about the colors, but the performance a mic gives. So, the older the kid, the more functionality you want from the mic as quality sound becomes more important.

For a smaller kid, go for a bright colored mic and stay away from black and dull microphones. It’s clear by now that your kid already has some favorite colors and it’s sure you can find one that matches his preferences. After all, a kid needs to have fun all the time, including when singing.

As the main categories for microphones are with or without a stand, you need to take a good thought on this also. If you want your kid to feel like a part of band, a microphone on a stand is the better option. After all, all bands have their lead voice using a mic with a stand in concerts, most of the time.

When your kid likes to move a lot while singing, a hand held and portable mic is the option to consider. This type of microphone comes with more features and are great for the karaoke machine also- which is always fun to have around the house.

Final thought

Take a good look and pay attention to your kid. Does he sings all the time and wants to take lessons or he’s just singing around the house, once in a while? Do you see something there or it’s just a phase? According to your kid’s interest and abilities, go shopping for a microphone for him/her.


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